Ekiden – what is it?

The word ekiden comes from Japanese (ekiden-kyōsō) and means a long-distance relay run.

Ekiden relay runs are highly popular in: Japan, Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Spain, the Netherlands,
China, Germany, France or the United States.
The name of this marathon relay is derived from the Japanese system of transportation and mail delivery,
which developed along the Tōkaidō route. It was introduced in 19th c. between the cities of Edo (nowadays
Tokyo) and Kyoto, which are situated some 500 km apart. The system allowed for swift transportation of
documents by dividing the whole route into stages and exchanging horses at subsequent stations (eki).
Ekiden relay runs have their longest traditions in Japan, where each such race is a true celebration.
Cheering crowds flock to the streets in thousands to support runners. It is considered a privilege to take part in such a relay. Each runner contributes to the success of their team. The largest companies and universities register their teams to represent them in the race.
When taking part in the Electrum Ekiden Race, there is something more to be proud of than the
participation itself. By joining the Race you help raise funds for the “Pomóż Im” Foundation –
Children’s Hospice.

Let’s help together!