Who is the help for?

Fundacja Pomóż Im

We provide care for children who cannot afford to lose a single day. Their everyday life depends on us. We work to ensure there is enough money to buy necessary medicine, nutritional supplements, medical and rehabilitation equipment, hygiene products, medical dressings, as well as a range of antiseptic and single-use materials.

Each and every day we try hard to ensure comfort of life for 30 children – patients of the Children’s Home Hospice run by the “Pomóż Im” Foundation. Gabrysia, Hubert, Patrycja, Dawid, Marysia – these are the names of some of them. Each child needs a medical suction pump (which costs 2,500 PLN), and most of them, permanently or temporarily, need an external oxygen supply, i.e. oxygen concentrator (3,500 PLN). Almost every patient needs an inhaler (600 – 1,000 PLN).

On average, the Foundation spends about 5,700 PLN on a single patient a month. Only about 40% of the total cost of medical care of our patients is government funded. We strive every day to cover the balance.

Thanks to fundraisers, donations and sponsorships our doctors and nurses are able to reach our hospice patients and provide them with daily care. In order to give them a sense of comfort and security, children stay at their homes, where they receive 24/7 medical care. Should they require urgent assistance, our doctors and nurses are there for them at any time of day and night.

Most of our patients live outside of Białystok. Last year, our hospice care units covered a total distance of over 240 thousand km travelling to our patients.

You can find more information about our charity at http://pomozim.org.pl

“Pomóż Im” Foundation


By taking part in the Electrum Ekiden Virtual Race, you support the “Pomóż Im” Foundation and their charitable services.

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